Scope of Services QLIPS Conference

I. Scope of Services (Art. 2 No. 2 Terms and Conditions)

I.1 General Information

Within the existing technical and operational possibilities QLIPS GmbH - hereinafter referred to as QLIPS – will connect up to 10 participants in a web conference that features 3D audio, video, screen- and file sharing and chat.

The QLIPS conference is provided via an encrypted internet connections by use of personalized access links on a web conference server.

To use the QLIPS conference service an internet-capable personal computer with a webRTC capable browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox) necessary

JavaScript and cookies must be enabled for the website

I.2 Account Start Page

In the user start page, the conference room name and the color assigned to the conference room can be changed. For self-created conferences, the calendar, the date, the time, the room and the conference description can be customized. In a drop-down menu you have the possibility to edit your account settings, your personal information, your profile picture, change the invoice address or cancel single conference rooms individually.

I.3 Conducting a QLIPS conference

To conduct a QLIPS conference, an internet connection and an internet-capable PC that meets the needed system requirements are necessary. Both are not included in the QLIPS conference service

The connection to the QLIPS conference server is achieved via an SSL-encrypted internet connection. This internet connection to the QLIPS conference server is not part of QLIPS.

A registered and authenticated user can create QLIPS conferences and invite other participants. A conference can be held simultaneously in each QLIPS conference room.

QLIPS offers two ways to book the QLIPS conference room for a specific date and to conduct a conference:

c1.Via an iCal entry in your e-mail program (Outlook, Thunderbird)
c2. Via the QLIPS conference service (form on

I.4 During a QLIPS conference

During running conferences further participants can be invited until the maximum number of participants is reached.
15 minutes before the start of the conference, invited participants can join the conference room. If the reserved period has elapsed, no further join is possible.

A specific tone signals when participants enter or leave the conference, so that no participants can enter or leave the conference without notice.

In addition, each participant can mute his microphone signal. The QLIPS conference service is currently available in German and English.

I.5 Features of a QLIPS conference

Audio with 3D-sound:
Human hearing has the natural ability to locate audio signals within a room. When attending a QLIPS conference you can hear if a participant speaks from the right, from the left or from the front and therefore you can easily adjust to him or her on a subconcious level even if you have never heard of this person or several conference participants talk at the same time. This is called the cocktail party effect or intelligent or selective hearing.

If webcams are installed in the individual participants devices, it is possible to integrate this video as a streaming video into the web conference. During the conference each conference participant can decide whether access to the webcam is granted or not. The conference participants can deactivate the video transmission at any time.

The chat function allows you to send text messages to all QLIPS participants within the web conference.

The screen sharing feature allows participants attending a QLIPS conference, to provide screenings from his PC in the conference one at a time. To use this feature, each individual participant needs to download and install the "QLIPS Screen Capture" add-on. Screen sharing can be terminated at any time by the subscriber.. The add-on can be uninstalled after the end of the screen sharing session, but must then be reinstalled for the next screen sharing session.

The file-sharing feature allows to send files to all participants. After sucessfull upload all particpants can download the file via the chat screen. Uploaded files are only stored on the participants devices

I.6 Plans and prices

QLIPS conferences are offered within different plans. The „TEAM“ conference room with a monthly price of 79 € (net) enables the administrator of a company to assign access to an infinite number of organizers whom are enabled to do an unlimited number of QLIPS conferences. The „SINGLE-USER“ conference room with a monthly price of 19 € (net) enables one organizer to do a unlimited number of QLIPS conferences. The „PREPAID“ conference room for one time fee of 90 € (net) enables the use of a limited amount of conferences corresponding to the balance of the license. The monthly subscriptions „TEAM“ and „SINGLE-USER“ can be terminated 30 days to the end of the respective accounting period. „PREPAID“ conference rooms retain their credits for 1 year after purchase and will be disabled after this period. The remaining credits at that particular time can be reactivated by recharging the credit. The afore disabled credits are reactivated and will maintain their original remaining credit. The license holder will be informed by e-mail about the deactivation and the possibilities of reactivation.

I.7 Invoice and cancellation

Directly after purchase the customer will receive an invoice by e-mail. „TEAM“ and „SINGLE-USER“ conference rooms will receive follow-up invoices at the effective date of purchase for the period of one month. The contract will be prolonged automatically if it is not terminated giving 30 days’ notice to the end of the respective accounting period. The termination of these conference rooms can be executed by clicking the „Terminate as soon as possible“ button in the buyer‘s account . “PREPAID“ conference rroms don’t need a termination. The payback of credits by formal termination is excluded.

I.8 Free trial

With a test conference room you get 30 days of free access to a "QLIPS Trial Room". In this free trial, a test user can book up to 2 conferences a day with a maximum duration of 60 minutes. A conference in the "QLIPS Trial Room" can be booked one day before the appointment.

The test conference room is shared by several anonymous users. Therefore no test user can view information about other users or their scheduled conferences.

II. Usage (Art. 2 No. 5 Terms and Conditions)

The conference room name and the color assigned to it can be changed in the calendar overview. For self-created appointments the title, the date, the time, the room and the conference description can be adapted. In the user profile the account settings, personal information, contact information and the profile picture can be changed.

III. Storage (Art. 3 No. 1 Terms and Conditions)

For all data mentioned in „Art. 2 Usage“ storage space is beeing provided.

IV. Retrieveability (Art. 3 No. 2 Terms and Conditions)

All data mentioned under „Art. 2 Usage“, are retrievable as long as the account exists or until the servers are permanently switched off.

V. Data loss, unauthorized access (Art. 3 No. 5 Terms and Condition)

Automatic backups are performed to avoid data loss. Sensitive data is encrypted in a database and data traffic is also encrypted to prevent unauthorized access by third parties.

VI. Reproductions (Art. 2 No. 6 Terms and Conditions)

Reproductions are not allowed, with exception of those mentioned in Terms and Conditions Art. 2 No. 6 Reproductions:
“[…] necessary copying includes the loading of the QLIPS Conference to the internal memory, but not any, even temporary, installation or storage of the QLIPS Conference on data carriers (such as e.g. hard discs) of the hardware used by the customer.“

VII. Support (Art. 4 Terms and Conditions)

Support is mainly provided through the FAQ section. On written support requests, the response time is one working day.

VIII. Function and operational readiness (Art. 11 No. 1 Terms and Conditions)

On business days, our technical department reacts within a working day after a fault has been identified.

QLIPS GmbH, March 2016