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Conference Rooms

Most of your digital conference rooms probably look like this: gaping emptiness. And only one employee can organize conferences – what a waste! A QLIPS conference room is completely different: it can be shared. Every employee who is allowed to use it, simply gets a copy of the company owned licence key. At the booking plan in the user account every user can check whether the conference room is available and make a reservation. Like in real life.


A QLIPS conference room can be booked by as many organizers as you wish. Any authorized employee with the company owned licence key in hand, can schedule a conference. At the booking plan in your account, you can check whether the conference room is available during the desired time. Being the organizer of a conference, you can change the seating positions of the conference participants at the QLIPS conference table - and if needed even suspend participants.


Up to ten people can take part in a QLIPS conference. Using the 3D spatial sound it becomes very easy to distinguish the different speakers in the virtual room. You will not miss one word of a conversation anymore, achieve targets faster and be much more relaxed after a busy day.

The power of feeling in the room

QLIPS is the next stage in the evolution of online conferencing. Powered by its in-house developed 3D sound engine you will listen to each participant from their exact speaking position and never miss one single word of conversation again. Experience powerfull online meetings that will create the feeling of beeing in the room with everybody else.

Please put on a pair of headphones and press the play button


3D spatial sound

With the means of 3D spatial sound every participant will speak from their exact virtual speaking positions and therefore will make you not miss one word of a conversation anymore.

No installation of software

No participant of a QLIPS conference needs to install any software. No meeting will ever be bound to fail anymore due to technical difficulties from participants.


Video will support the 3D spatial sound feature. This way you will not only hear but also see everybody taking part in a QLIPS conference from their exact position.

VoIP Phone Integration

If you are on the road and there is a reliable internet connection available, you can always call in and join a QLIPS conference by using any regular mobile or landline phone.

  • The qlips team gave me excellent support in the preparation FOR webinars with our customers. This made the ULTIMATE difference for me.

    Anita Scheffler-Lipp, Managing Director, CPO Management Consultants
  • We use QLIPS in daily conferences to discuss production capacities and to do production coordination. QLIPS has taken us a big step forward on our way to the industry 4.0 approach.

    Martin Model, Director IT, Dohme Pilzvertrieb GmbH
  • I was positivly suprised by the QLIPS licensing model. The idea that several employees can use one virtual conference room with the same license gives us absolute cost transparency.

    Frank Rückle, Managing Director Deutsche METROHM GmbH & Co. KG
  • Through my specialization in cyber law I have been very critical towards web conference solutions. In direct contact with the QLIPS teams I was very impressed with the concept for data security. The team could clearly convince me with their solution and doing online meetings with QLIPS has become a daily routine.

    Michael Stefan, Attorney for internet law
  • QLIPS made the work of our regionally distributed team much easier. Perfect understandability combined with an intuitive accoustical localization of every participant tremendously increased the team's productivity. Intuitive usability and the lack of components that need to be installed immediately enthused us.

    Matthias Schidzick of Schenker Germany AG
  • With QLIPS we are able to take a fresh look at communication - every day. Spatial audio increases the comprehensibility immensely and allows a relaxed conversation.

    Roland Führer of the Synargos GmbH

An official partner

The team of QLIPS was able to convince with its idea. QLIPS has become an official partner of Sennheiser. It is therefore now possible to obtain necessary headsets for the professional use of an online conference system directly from QLIPS.

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