Never miss one word again

With the means of 3D spatial sound every participant will speak from their exact virtual speaking positions and therefore will make you not miss one word of a conversation anymore.


QLIPS can display an individual webcam view for up to ten participants. Four of these video streams can be scaled in size by each participant live during the conference – individually of course.

Instant Messaging

Via the integrated instant messaging, each call partner can also send written messages to the conference. All these messages follow the „one-to-all“ principle: every conference participant can read them because private chats would only be distracting.

Filesharing and Screensharing

QLIPS also provides built-in options to share files, your screen and seperate application windows. Once again, "one-to-all" applies: the shared content is available to all conference guests for the period of their meeting.

No installation of software

No participant of a QLIPS conference needs to install any software. No meeting will ever be bound to fail anymore due to technical difficulties from participants.

Dial-in in by browser

QLIPS can be used with any browser that supports the WebRTC standard. These include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera for now. Microsoft and Apple will follow with their browsers in 2017.

Dial-in by phone

In addition, QLIPS also allows a quick dial-in by phone from the office. If desired, the user can then log in to the web interface to follow the presentation and use all the additional features from QLIPS.

Dial-in by mobile device

If, on the other hand, a stable Internet connection is provided, QLIPS runs smoothly on any mobile device with the Android operating system, whether smartphone or tablet. Windows Phone and iPhone will also follow 2017.

Utmost Flexibilty

We are constantly working on the feature richness of QLIPS to offer a service that fits your needs in the utmost way possible.

Connecting a conference room

QLIPS works seamlessly with any commercial conference phone. Extend your in-house conference room and bring your on-site partners together with participants who are many miles away.

Instant Meetings

All registered and logged in users of QLIPS can start an instant meeting at any time. This will begin immediately in any of the conference rooms registered to the user, provided that one of these rooms is available at the current time.

Lifelong Updates

QLIPS works according to the principle "Software as a Service", in short "SaaS". Our customer does not buy a product, which gradually can become outdated rather than a service, which we always keep up to date. Free and for life, without any installation effort.

Outlook and Thunderbird

The booking of a conference is just as easy with the calendar functions of a mail client. If the organizer moves the planned conference to another appointment, QLIPS automatically performs this step and changes the attendance plan of the conference room – again without any software installation.

Moderator features

Anyone who organizes a conference in QLIPS automatically becomes the moderator of this conference. In this function, he can move the conference participants at the virtual conference table and, if necessary, exclude individual participants from the conference.

Personal Calender

For each logged-in user, QLIPS runs a personal calendar that clearly shows all scheduled or ongoing conferences in a calender view. Here, the available conference rooms are also displayed, which can be easily distinguished from each other by freely selectable colors.

Highest data security

As a provider certified in Germany, QLIPS is tied to much more stringent security policies than many international providers.

Data protection according to BDSG

QLIPS GmbH is a certified telecommunication provider according to § 6 of the Telecommunications Act of the Federal Republic of Germany and thus is subject to the strict guidelines of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Unique links to every conference

Each conference is assigned a unique link, which expires after the set date. Participants dialing into the conference are also announced by a clear acoustic signal.

Data centers located in Germany

All data centers that store QLIPS user data are located in Germany and thus are subject to German law and are governed by international ISO standard 27001 certified. They therefore meet the highest standards for data security.