The Next Generation of smart Conferencing
with DIMENGINE 3D-Sound

Virtual conference rooms for your company and all your employees

Simple licensing

QLIPS doesn't have any confusing license packages. Nor any hidden costs. We simply rent out virtual conference rooms, which can be used by all of your employees in all your departments at all sites alike. Worldwide. At any time. Simple isn't it?

Intuitive Use

We place great emphasis on an intuitive use of QLIPS. Anyone should be able to book our conference rooms and use them. So long business travels are no longer necessary. Or are training sessions and travel expense accountings entertaining to you? Exactly.

Fast integration

A time-consuming installation of user interfaces for clients is not necessary with QLIPS. Because QLIPS is a pure "Software as a Service" – also kown as SaaS. And we are compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer and it's easy to integrate us into Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail with ease. Without any plug-ins of course.


Tracking the origin with DIMENGINE 3D-sound

Teleconferences are often inefficient. This is mainly due to poor sound quality. The human brain is constantly trying to supplement sound deficits. This is tiring. In contrast to most other providers QLIPS uses the true 3D sound from DIMENGINE. This results in a natural, spatial sound experience - and relaxed teleconferences. The only thing we haven't invented yet is a treatment against tiring topics.


Easy to use.

Good tools are easy to use. Therefore QLIPS has an intuitive user interface, that was highly acknowledged by leading review sites. We want you to be able to concentrate on your ideas and cooperation. And not on us.

The best ideas come in the most unusal places.

QLIPS is the ideal solution for all unusual places. Why? Because we only need minimal bandwidth for a reliable connection. And because QLIPS also harmonises perfectly with all kinds of firewalls. Wireless. At home. At the hotel. Abroad.

Team Collaboration

With QLIPS you almost won't notice that you actually aren't in the room with everybody else. We optimize your collaboration with a video function, uncomplicated screen- and file sharing and an user chat.

Listening Example

Please put on a pair of headphones and press the play button


Easy. Fast. QLIPS.

So simple everybody get's it.

With every introduction of new software initially comes a loss of efficiency. Not with QLIPS. We have made QLIPS so simple and easy to use that everybody gets it right away. Cool, ain't it?

Safe as a Bank.

You are working with sensitive data. Therefore, any communication at QLIPS is encrypted end-to-end and we only have servers located in Germany with it's high standards of data protection. This applies to all shared documents, shared screens and all subjects discussed within QLIPS.

Browser Compatibility

Every employee uses the browser he or she is most used to. That's why we made QLIPS compatible with all popular browsers. Simply because man is a creature of habits.

Integration in Outlook

Like a true colleague

QLIPS and Outlook are a perfect match. And that is actually the only reason why we mention it. To book a QLIPS conference you simply invite your QLIPS room to your meeting like any other participant. And like a real colleague QLIPS will answer and book the room for you. Without any plug-ins. Fast and easy. And QLIPS does not only like Outlook a lot – it also likes Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

  • QLIPS made the work of our regionally distributed team much easier. Perfect understandability combined with an intuitive accoustical localization of every participant tremendously increased the team's productivity. Intuitive usability and the lack of components that need to be installed immediately enthused us.

    Matthias Schidzick of Schenker Germany AG
  • With QLIPS we are able to take a fresh look at communication - every day. Spatial audio increases the comprehensibility immensely and allows a relaxed conversation.

    Roland Führer of the Synargos GmbH


So this is QLIPS

With QLIPS you rent a virtual meeting room with 3D sound for more efficient web conferencing. Currently 10 people can participate simultaneously in a QLIPS conference. To experience the 3D sound you need a computer or smart device and stereo headphones. Screen- and file sharing, as well as a chat for all participants is included. Alternatively, phone dial-up is possibel too.

License fees and license keys

The licence fees for QLIPS are € 79.00 per month for every virtual QLIPS conference room. This room is available to you 24/7. You can order a licence key for a QLIPS room via the online shop on this page. You will get a monthly invoice from QLIPS GmbH for your subscription.
All indicated prices are net.

Cancellation of your subscription

he subscription for a QLIPS conference room will be automatically renewed. If you no longer need your QLIPS conference room, you can cancel your subscription at any time in writing to QLIPS GmbH with 30 days' notice before the end of each calendar month.

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